Our Software

Massage Therapist Notebook

Massage Therapist Notebook for iPad

Finally, a way to keep track of ALL of your clients: their preferences, areas needing special attention, and key pressure points. The Massage Master is the perfect tool to quickly review past session information and schedule future events. This helpful tool adds the personal touch your clients crave.

Flippy Unicorn

Flippy Unicorn

Want to have a little fun with unicorns and physics? Flippy Unicorn will make you smile. Use you finger to flick the unicorn into the air, then tap the unicorn to start and stop the spinning to ensure that it lands on its fee. It's harder than it sounds.

Epic Ride

Epic Ride

Whether your rides are to the local coffee shop or across the country, the Epic Ride app will help you keep track of where you've been and what was interesting along the way. Mark locations with colorful pins and make notes for each location, each day and the whole ride.

Carter's Coin Flip

Carter's Coin Flip

Carter's Coin Flip is as much an experiment in how to write iPhone/iPod Touch applications as it is an attempt to make a little money. Carter is an avid sports player and he came up with the idea. He also took the photographs while Dad wrote the code. Mom had the idea to add the screen which demonstrates the statistically random nature of coin flipping.

Carolines's Cats

Caroline's Cats

Caroline's Cat Game is a mixture of paper doll dress up and photo editing. You can pick a choice of kittens, bows, collars, hats, costumes and toys. Then after you have placed everything where it’s the cutest, you can save your creation to the iOS Photo app or email it to a friend. You can also start by using one of your own photos and add a kitten to family pictures or vacation snaps.

Open Source

Citizen Reporter plug-in

The Citizen Reporter plug in for TapLynx adds a feature to let you take a picture and email it to someone without leaving your TapLynx based application. TapLynx is a framework for creating an App based on RSS feeds. It is a great way to get an application into the App store quickly. You simply modify the contents of a configuration file and the application takes care of the rest. In my experience, the hardest part about getting your TapLynx based application into the App store is the App store process itself. The Citizen Reporter plugin is now available on github.

TA_MapKit plug-in

The TA_MapKit plugin for TapLynx is now available on github. This plugin is designed to let users provide a list of places on a map and update those places using the TapLynx default NGConfig.plist file. For especially long lists, we have added the ability to see all of the placenames and tap on a placename to bring it to the front.

OOZWebView plug-in

The OOZWebView plugin for TapLynx is now available on github. This plugin is designed to extend the features of the TapLynx ability to provide an html file in an application for an "About" screen. Using the OOZWebView the developer can have a local html file appear when there is no network connection and a remote file appear when there is a network connection. Tyree Apps improved the original OOZWebView by also adding a "back" button for users to be able to navigate multiple pages within an "About" screen.

AudoStreamer plug-in

Tyree Apps is pleased to have contributed a fork of Matt Gallagher's excellent audio streaming library as a TapLynx plugin. The Tyree Apps Audio more efficiently. When going off for a

Client Projects


The HushLink application for iPhone provides curated stories about fashion, tech and design. This app uses in app purchases for users to subscribe to newsfeeds and lets users share their favorite articles via email, Facebook or Twitter. We worked with the Hushlink staff to design a system where they can add content without relying on us.


The PsycExplorer application for iPhone and the PsycExplorer HD application for the iPad are both based on the TapLynx framework. They include our OOZWebView plug in. Additionally, we worked with Michael Britt to create a web-based rss curation tool that he uses to aggregate and manipulate the rss feeds he delivers to the applications.

Albuquerque Journal

The Albuquerque Journal Mobile Reader takes advantage of the Citizen Reporter plugin as well as the TA_MapKit plugin in the iPhone version of their application.

The U of M Newsroom

The The Univeristy of Manitoba Newsroom application takes advantage of the Citizen Reporter plugin and has extended the plugin using some custom graphics to really add polish.