Client Tracking for Therapists

This iPad application is aimed at Massage Therapists who want a better way to quickly spot trends with their clients and remind themselves about needs or issues with each client. By better serving the client and making them believe they are the only client the Therapist can improve the client experience and increase the chances that the client will become a regular engagement. You can purchase it in the App Store now.

We have made some YouTube Videos to demonstrate some of the features of the program. We will be adding more as we expand this page.

The Massage Therapists Notebook integrates with the iPad's Address book so that normal client contact data is only maintained in one place. When an email address or phone number changes for the client, either make the change in the Address Book or in the MTN and everything will stay in sync. When a Therapist syncs the iPad with their computer any regular Address Book syncing will also help keep the contact information updated.

The Massage Therapists Notebook also lets the Therapist keep track of locations on the clients body where injuries, tightness, tenderness or other issues arose during client interviews or therapy sessions. Locations are marked by multi-colored stones. The Therapist may choose to have the colors of the stones classify the types of issues discovered, or may just like using any of the twelve different stones. By using a "Long Press" gesture on a stone, the therapist can review or edit notes with the specific location on the body.

We are excited about this version of the application. However, we believe that with the advent of the iPad 2 it can be much more. Therefore our pricing strategy is to raise prices as we release new versions with added features. We believe that with all of the features added this application will be worth at least five times of its current price on the App store. We are letting you know this because the App Store does not let a company charge for upgrades, so by purchasing this app in its early stages a Therapist is supporting our dream and we are expecting to provide them something that will pay for itself many times over.

If you have questions or ideas for future enhancements please send an email to or join our mailing list to have the opportunity to guide us towards new featues.

Recent Changes

Version 3.0

  • Graphics and UI updated for ios7
  • Added ability to attach photos to Clients, Sessions and Stones
  • Detached the client names from the address book except for imports
  • Added fields for Date of Birth, Sex, Therapist Name, and Session Fee
  • Added ability to label stones and to make stones inactive

Version 2.5.1

  • Fixed a bug where notes weren't always saving on sleep
  • Fixed a bug on notes entry where the typing was hidden by the keyboard
  • Fixed a bug where addresses were not updating correctly after system restore.
  • Fixed a bug where adding an honorific to a name was altering sorting of client names.
  • Added "Allergies" to the PDF export report.

Version 2.5

  • Added the ability to get a passcode unlock key upon request
  • Added enhanced crash reporting
  • Added time to session entries for recording start time and duration.

Version 2.3

  • Added Passlock screen for Extra Security
  • Added support for Japanese, Chinese and Spanish
  • Tap a stone to see a preview of its note. Long-press a stone to add or edit a note.

Version 2.0

  • Added support for TextExpander
  • Added nine new stones
  • PDF export of session notes and images

Version 1.0

  • First Version Submitted to the App Store