Integrating Ensembles into MTN

18 May 2014

Sync is becoming an expected feature of any serious application. I have begun to add the Ensembles Framework to the Massage Therapist Notebook. I expect it to be in the 3.1 release.

Ensembles will allow me to offer three types of sync at the start. It also is open enough that if I need to add other services in the future I will be able to do that. Finally, I own a license to the code itself. With the recent purchase of StackMob by PayPal and Applicasa’s that they are shutting down, I am trying to control as much of the technology used to support my business as possible.

Dropbox integration with the existing app took an hour. I’ve spent about three hours so far with iCloud integration. The only reason it doesn’t work out of the box is that I am trying to provide support to iOS5. Seems that the iCloud interface has changed so dramatically since its introduction that I’m going to have to introduce branching in a bunch of places.