Back on Track

01 May 2014

Let’s try this again.

In 2010 I had some ideas for apps and I realized that my goal to become a CIO wasn’t turning out the way I had hoped. I will admit now that I was reading the press stories about the people who spent a few weeks writing apps and then cashed in. I figured that once I got my apps into the store, I would be set for a few years. Turns out, I was deluding myself.

I still want to make a living solely off of the software I’ve written, but it’s going to take a lot of work to get there. So, now that I’m a few years older, and hopefully wiser, I’m again focusing more resources on this part of my work.

All of the blog posts older than this one are copied over from my old blog. I did some editing of them when I moved them over. This new blog (and the whole website) are now static pages served by Jekyll. I’ve been meaning to do this since reading Brent Simmons’ post about static sites but always got hung up on the fact that I want to have my whole website, not just my weblog in the system.

The new site is created with Jekyll and so far, is proving to be much easier to work with than my prior setup.